Please arrive 5 minutes early.  Please place all personal belongings as well as shoes and socks in the cubbies*.  All class students should wait quietly behind the cubbies for their class to be called except for evening preschool students who should wait upstairs as their class will begin and end in the upstairs preschool room.  All children in the waiting area should be supervised by an adult until their class is called.

*Cream City Athletics is not responsible for items left in the cubbies or any personal property brought to the gym.


Parents and relatives may observe from the upstairs viewing area only.  Please do not distract or “coach” your child from the viewing area in any way.  The viewing area is for quietly viewing the gym… it is your responsibility to make sure that any other children that you have with you are quietly viewing, studying, or playing.


You must stay to watch class if your child is unable to use the restroom by his/herself.  Coaches are NOT able to assist children in the rest room at any time.


Please meet your child promptly in the lobby at the end of their class.  Children may never wait or play outside without adult supervision.  If you are going to be late… please call the front desk and let us know.


  • Leotard or tight fitting athletic attire or t-shirt and shorts.  T-shirts should not be baggy and should be tucked in if they are not tight fitting.  No spaghetti straps or bare midriffs.
  • Hair that touches the shoulders must be tied back in a pony tail or braid.  Hair must be tied back out of the face.  No bobby pins or other hard hair accessories.
  • No zippers, buttons, snaps or other hard objects on your clothing
  • No tights, skirts, or skirted leotards
  • No jewelry
  • No watches or electronic devices (Apple Watches, Fitbits etc)
  • No socks or shoes for preschool, gymnastics, or ninja classes.
  • Tumbling classes may wear cheer shoes as long as they are not worn outside and they are clean.


Open wounds and warts must be covered with a bandage and athletic tape before class.  Small amounts of athletic tape are available for free at the front desk.


Any person with a contagious illness, persistent cough or persistent runny nose is asked to stay home.


By participating in any program at Cream City Athletics you agree to have read the information at the following link and gone over it with your child / children that are age 12 or over…

Concussion & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Information


Weather closings will be posted on our website.  You may also be informed of a weather closing by email or text message.